Senior European Stack & Tilt® Instructor

Authorised Stack & Tilt® Instructor

AimPoint® Certified Instructor

Putting Solutions Certified Instructor

Flatstick Certified Instructor

Edel Certified Club Fitter

Qualified NLP Practitioner

I have been coaching golf since 1998, and over that time I have strived to develop my coaching skills & knowledge by investing time in the company of some of the world's leading golf instructors. The knowledge & experience I have gained over the years has allowed me to "coach the individual" rather than a "one size fits all" approach.

I am proud to be one of a very small number of coaches to be Authorised with the STACK & TILT® Network Instructors, as well as training and mentoring new instructors into the the network. STACK & TILT instructors are committed to making game easier to play for every level of player, in the shortest time possible. 

I am also the an AIMPOINT Certified instructor. AIMPOINT is the world's #1 green-reading system used by golfers all over the world to read greens quickly & accurately. 

I enjoy coaching FULL SWING, SHORT GAME, and PUTTING - as well as helping people with the MENTAL side of the game & ON-COURSE coaching. Improving your PERFORMANCE is my ultimate goal. 

I am based at International Golf Institute at NSRCC Changi in  Singapore.

call/whatsapp - (+65) 9187 5677

email -

twitter - @cheneygolf

instagram - @robcheneygolf