ORKA is a multi award winning, leading hardware brand for professional club building and club fitting.

ORKA believe that custom fitting is beneficial for every golf, not just better players. In fact, it is often more beneficial to a higher handicap player as it can make a bigger difference to their game.

In an age where we can customise so much, buying a set of clubs "off the rack" and hoping they work is an unnecessary risk, and a sure way to add more frustration to your game, Your clubs should be exactly right for you to allow you to play your best golf. 

You are unique... your clubs should be too.


Everyone wants to hit it further. A custom-built Driver will make this more possible than ever before...


The right set of Irons will improve your ball striking & ensure you hit more greens. Lower scores will follow... 

Irons to fit every golfer from Scratch player to improving golfer, in men's, ladies & senior shaft options.


Long, straight shots from the fairway makes those Par 5's more like Par 4's! 


Most shots are from 100 yards & in. Therefore, custom-fit wedges will mean less mis-hits, and more up & downs!


Ditch those long irons & hit more greens. Hybrids available in a variety of lofts & shaft options. 


The MOST important club in your bag - yet very few every have their putter fitted. Learn why "off-the-shelf" putters are not helping you or your game. 


Offering the ultimate in "cool", clubheads designed by you, for you. Sets can have ANY logo or text that you desire! Football club crests, your children's names & dates of births, anniversaries... the choice is only limited by your imagination!

Have a look at the photo gallery to see some of the designs already produced. Bespoke sets take a little longer to produce (for obvious reasons), however, the end result will be the most impressive set of golf clubs you will ever own!


If you are intersted in a fitting, please get in touch using the contact details below, or via the "Contact Us" page. Fittings are charged by the hour. At the end of your fitting, you will receive a "voucher" (to the value of your fitting fee) which can be redeemed against any equipment purchased.

call - (+351) 915 635 413

email - rob@robcheneygolf.com

twitter - @cheneygolf