Scott Cowx Certified Instructor Training

€ 425 

2 Day Instructor Training with Scott Cowx

24th & 25th April, 2018. Algarve, Portugal.

Scott Cowx is from Ontario, Canada, and is a member of the Canadian PGA. Scott is one of the most sought after golf coaches in the world and will be visiting the Algarve on 24th & 25th April, 2018 to deliver his Scott Cowx Certified program. 


  • 13 accumulators and their effect on impact parameters
  • Structure, wrist alignments, patterning
  • Negative beta torque, positives and negatives, power & accuracy vs patterning
  • COM & COP - effects on patterning
  • P7 PP discussion
  • Outdoor LIVE lessons with volunteers


  • Clubhead speed dynamics
    • 4 laws of clubhead speed
    • Longitudinal acceleration & COM displacement
    • Moment arms
    • GRF spiking and vector direction / hand path
    • Flow and timing of COM movements relative to P's
    • Swing analysis
    • Short Game & Bunker Play

Limited spaces to keep attendee interaction and engagement high.

PRICE = €425 for 2 days including lunch and learning materials

For enquiries, CONTACT HERE, or to reserve your place you can complete payment HERE.