Full Day Stack & Tilt® Golf Clinic with European Senior Instructor, Rob Cheney

“If all of the golf instruction books, videos and lessons for the last hundred years had taught people to keep their weight on the left side and to swing their hands inward, we would have generations of golfers drawing the ball instead of slicing.”
Andy Plummer, PGA Tour Coach & co-founder of the Stack & Tilt Golf Swing

Stack & Tilt® Golf Instruction Day with European Senior Instructor, Rob Cheney .


WHERE? - Pestana Golf Academy, Alto Golf Club

REDEFINING GOLF FUNDAMENTALS - Rob & John will conduct a full day of comprehensive Stack & Tilt® golf instruction. The morning is classroom based, you will learn an introduction to the S&T swing system, and how S&T has redefined golf's fundamentals. The afternoon will involve intensive instruction on the range where you will be filmed and have your own personal instruction including drills and practice notes and pictures to continue your work after the day is finished.

Clinic Objectives

  • Define the basic tasks for playing golf
  • Identify the fundamentals (not the ones you might think!)
  • Define the basic movements (Extend, Tilt, Turn)
  • Understand basic ball flight laws (The DRAW is built in)
  • Use a simple 10 word template to begin to improve
  • Leave with a clear understanding of how to progress

Open to all Professionals and Amateurs curious to learn more and improve their ball striking/distance and knowledge of golf swing mechanics.

Cost = 120€ per person including lunch (max 6 players)

To confirm your place, please make payment ASAP as places are limited. For Golf Instructors looking to become a certified Stack & Tilt instructor, please click here for upcoming European training dates.

Full Day S&T Golf Clinic

€ 120.00 

Stack & Tilt Golf Clinic with Rob Cheney