EDEL Wedge Design & Technology

Proprietary Face Technology

Edel wedges are designed to create more consistent shot making by incorporating industry first enhancements to the club face. We have moved and expanded the center of percussion (sweet spot) of our wedges toward the toe in comparison to most traditional clubs, and away from the hosel. Additionally, we have extended the groove pattern on the face of the club to better frame the golf ball.

Shorter Hosel

Our wedges have a shorter hosel to remove unwanted weight from the heel, allowing the center of gravity to move closer to the true center of the clubface.

Rounded Leading Edge

A slightly rounded leading edge allows for the club to sit close to the ground while maintaining the proper bounce. This feature also allows the golfer to play a variety of shots (open, closed, toe down, toe up) from different lies while maintaining a leading edge that is square to the target.

Aggressive Heel Relief

Narrower hosel and heel relief allows the club to cut through long grass and all types of sand without twisting.


Multiple shaft options to match your swing speed, desired trajectory, and spin rates.


Wedges are individually built to order, As such, the expected delivery time is approx 4 weeks from order.


Starting from 199€ per wedge (including fitting)

Edel Wedges Conform to the Rules of Golf and can be used in events that adopt the new groove Condition of Competition.