Course/Range "Combination" Lesson

Most golf lessons take place on a driving range or practice ground, where your “real” golf game doesn’t show up! It is for this reason that I believe this 2-hour assessment is essential as your initial lesson, and also very beneficial as an ongoing lesson.

During the first hour, we play some holes on the course to discover your “real” strengths & weaknesses, this format also allows me to see your putting & short game skills, as well as your course management & decision making during a round of golf. Then we use the remaining time to work on the area(s) identified as being the most in need of help. The added time that we have in this lesson allows us to discuss your goals in greater detail than a "standard" one hour lesson would allow, and relieves you from the "pressure" of feeling that any changes we introduce need to be mastered immediately.

Following this lesson, you (and I) will have a much clearer understanding of YOUR golf game & the action required for you to become the golfer you wish to be…! Cost for this lesson is only $400. Contact me TODAY to book your lesson, and change your game forever!

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