Stack & Tilt® Golf Swing

The Stack & Tilt Golf Swing identifies golf's true fundamentals, helping speed up the improvement process & make golf easier for everyone to play! Instead of focusing on Grip, Aim, Posture & Ball Position first (which all vary across the game's best players), we focus on the commonalities displayed by golf's best players. There are 3 fundamentals...

1. Control the "low-point" of the swing.

The best players all control where their club hits the ground with a very high degree of accuracy. Compare this to the new golfer, or handicap golfer who does not control the "low-point" of their swing to a high enough level, causing them to mis-hit many shots either "fat" (ground before ball), or "thin" or "top" shots (not hitting the ground at all). Stack & Tilt addresses this fundamental first, by getting golfers to keep their weight forward. The video on the left shows Mike Bennett demonstrating how to control "low-point".

2. Hit the ball far enough to play the course

To hit the ball further, golfers must swing their hands "in" more, and allow their hips to turn more by straightening their trail leg during the backswing. This advice is in stark contrast to what is often written in golf magazines & spoken about on TV commentary. The pictures on the left show a catalouge of the world's best players swinging their hands "in" & straightening their trail legs. In fact, it is worth mentioning that the game's LONGEST hitter actually straightens his trail leg the MOST!!!

3. Control the curve of the ball

Understanding what dictates the ball's starting direction, and then what makes the ball curve it vital if you are to play consistent golf. By keeping your weight forward, it allows you to swing "down" & "out" at the ball - 2 ingredients necessary to draw the ball.

As a Senior Authorised instructor, and responsible for training new S&T coaches, I can help you understand how to apply this system to your game quickly.

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